Bared by Mystqx
Bared by Mystqx

Bared by Mystqx

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  • Genre: Poetry
Off the Book Pages very first Poetry book!

Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies is a one of a kind poetry book. Revel in the exquisite art of prose and poetry composed of intense imageries and intriguing visuals. Every page evokes a different emotion. Every leaf leads to a different discovery.

This unique 117 page poetry book inspires and encourages love for self and others, inner self-discovery, understanding relationships and appreciating the beauty of life. The visuals in the book (mandala art colouring pages, essence of a woman, beauty of nature) awaken a sense of creativity and healing. The hardcover copy of the book includes blank stationery pages which you can use as a journal to express yourself.

Get your hands on it, turn the pages and experience sensations bared under a myriad of skies.