Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy
Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy
Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy

Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy

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  • Genre: New Adult - Romance - Standalone
  • Author Note: This 103k word standalone will take you on a ride of epic proportions! This book rides a fine line of many tropes including reverse harem, an arranged marriage with a twist, opposites attract, and a tad of enemies-to-lovers. The steam is high and nights are promiscuous. Enjoy!

I'm a Monet. 
A chameleon. 

I'm whatever I must be. 

The flawless daughter, a skilled socialite, and the perfect prize to the man of my family's choosing.
Not that I'm complaining. 
I knew what my future would hold before I returned to California, and the truth is, I'm all for a loveless life. One that takes little thought and zero devotion. 
It's exactly what I want.
Or it was...until I locked eyes with someone from the opposite side of the tracks.
He's the ripple in the rich, the poor punk who doesn't belong...or so the trust fund crew claims.
He's everything I'm supposed to avoid, untamed and unapologetic, reckless and free. 
Addicting in ways I can't explain. 
I'm aware no good will come of our friendship, yet I can't bring myself to care. 
He's ready to show me the world through his eyes. 
The question I let him?